Dog waste bins to be emptied twice weekly following persistent complaints

Overflowing dog waste bins in Bradley Stoke.

Bradley Stoke Town Council has ordered an increase in the frequency of emptying of ten of the 33 remaining dog waste bins in the town, following scores of complaints about bins regularly overflowing after cost-saving measures were introduced earlier this year.

The number of dog waste bins in the town was reduced from 57 to 33 in the first weeks of April, in order to avoid additional emptying costs being incurred by the town council after South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) said it would no longer empty 21 of the bins free-of-charge.

The council’s officers had earlier laid the blame for the overflowing bins on SGC’s Streetcare team, claiming that some of the 33 bins were being missed and that cover had not been provided on some occasions when the usual operative was on holiday.

By the summer, the town council was claiming that the initial teething problems had been resolved, but complaints from residents still kept coming in.

Following further investigation, the council’s officers realised that whereas before April, SGC had been emptying some of the bins twice a week, all bins were now being emptied just once a week.

The council has now agreed to pay SGC an extra amount for ten of the bins to be emptied twice weekly. The bins that will be emptied more frequently are nos. 2 (Palmers Leaze), 3 (Juniper Way), 4 (Juniper Way), 5 (Fiddlers Wood Lane), 6 (Ormonds Close), 7 (Wheatfield Drive), 8 (Ellicks Close), 10 (Cooks Close), 11 (Lapwing Close) and 22 (Jordans Walk).

Note: Bin numbers listed are those used on the council’s street furniture map, published on its website. These are not the same as the numbers marked on the bins. Street names refer to the closest vehicular access point.

• Bradley Stoke Town Council can be contacted on 01454 205020.

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  1. I’m a dog owner and I find it incredible that people would carry on putting the bags into the bins which are already overflowing. It’s not ideal but it’s not exactly a challenge to wait until the next bin or you’re home.

  2. Somebody put their animal’s mess in my Green recycling bin a couple of weeks ago. Some people are selfish, lazy, disgusting people.

  3. The cost of the additional collections at 10 dog waste bins is £26.30 per week. Source: Minutes of BSTC Planning Committee meeting on 17/12/14.

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