Channel 4 workshops offers BSCS students insight into TV & broadcasting careers

Photo of winning students with teacher and 4Schools representative.
Jess Fisher from 4Schools (centre) with Year 8 winning students from the last workshop of the day and Lauren Stone, careers leader at BSCS (right).

Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) has become the first school in the South West to host new 4Schools workshops.

The Channel 4 initiative, which launched last year, is aimed at inspiring students to explore careers in TV and broadcasting. It motivates young people to picture themselves in the creative sector by bringing to life the breadth of opportunity available.

The school’s Year 8 students participated in workshops to understand their skills. Their interactive sessions involved real life examples of people on their own creative career journeys in the TV and broadcasting sector, aiming to get students thinking about their own skills, other people’s skills and the importance of networking.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Lauren Stone, careers leader at Bradley Stoke Community School said:

“It’s vital we give students an early understanding of how people acquire the skills to apply in their work. The 4Schools experience brought this to life and was enjoyed by the entire year group. The Channel 4 sessions helped them to connect the digital content they consume in their day-to-day lives to both skills and real people. It also helped them to recognise that skills take time to build and why some skills are in higher demand than others.”

Jess Fisher from 4Schools said:

“This initiative provides practical guidance to secondary school students, helping them to fulfil their potential. There is a myriad of people working in different roles in the TV and broadcast sector – not just those who we recognise on screen. 4Schools introduces careers such as set designers, location managers, sound mixers, scheduling managers and many more options that could become an achievable future for all students.”


4Schools’ offer includes assemblies, workshops, a national competition, online exercises, and talks with industry insiders and current Channel 4 employees on how to set about securing a successful creative career.

Schools in the area interested in finding out more about 4Schools can visit

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