Town council to install £65,000+ suite of gym equipment on Jubilee Green

Artist's impression of a suite of outdoor gym equipment.
One possible layout for a suite of outdoor gym equipment on Jubilee Green, Bradley Stoke. Image from town council officer report.

Bradley Stoke Town Council has announced plans to install a suite of free-to-use outdoor gym equipment on Jubilee Green, adjacent to the existing Beacon Play Area.

Following lengthy discussions that have spanned several years, councillors have agreed to proceed with the project which has a estimated cost of between £65,000 and £90,000.

The town council is making use of S106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding that it has received from developers via South Gloucestershire Council. These grants have originated from the McDonald’s, Starbucks and retail terrace development at the Willow Brook Centre (£17,420) and the LiveWest affordable housing development at Hornbeam Close (£22,515).

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Due to the value of the project, the town council is obliged to advertise the contract for the work on the government’s Contract Finder website, where potential bidders have been given a £85,000 tender ceiling.

According to the contract opportunity webpage which went live on 24th November 2023, the gym equipment is to be installed inside a 50m marked running track made of Conipave or Flexipave (proprietary types of rubber/aggregate surface) with trench edging.

The gym equipment is to consist of:

  • Calisthenics combi-workout, with equipment for pull ups, vertical pole, parallel bars, overhead ladder and exercise bench (with more if possible)
  • Magnetic kettle bells
  • Suspension trainer
  • Step ups
  • Exercise bike
  • Hand/arm bike

Note: The Oxford English Dictionary describes ‘calisthenics’ as “gymnastic exercises to achieve fitness and grace of movement”. It is the art of using one’s body weight as resistance to develop physique.


The contract start and end dates are given as 1st February 2024 and 1st October 2024 respectively.

A scoring matrix for assessing submitted bids has been agreed by a working group. For example, ‘materials durability’ will be marked on a scale of zero to 4, defined as follows:

“The council are looking for materials that have long jeopardy but also an appealing finish. Materials such as untreated wood will be classed under zero as it is open to weather changes and potentially vandalism. Materials that have a high probability of withstanding harsh weather and vandalism would be more favourable especially if finished attractively.”

The webpage advises that the successful bidder will need to “assist the council with the planning application process by providing designs and specification documentation.”

Advertising image.

Football/basketball area

Image of a combined football goal and basketball hoop.
Combined football goal and basketball hoop.

The town council is also looking into the possibility of installing a tarmacked area on Jubilee Green with football/basketball hoops at either end. Potential sources of grant funding for this project are currently being investigated.

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