2023 Town Elections

Photo of a teller outside a polling station.
Archive image: Polling station at Brook Way Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke.

On Thursday 4th May 2023, all of the seats on Bradley Stoke Town Council will be up for election.

Councillors will be elected to serve a four-year term of office.

The South Gloucestershire district elections are being held on the same day.

The Notice of Election will be published not later than Monday 27th March 2023 and nominations will be accepted until the deadline on Tuesday 4th April 2023.

The deadline for voter registration is Monday 17th April 2023. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote, please contact the SGC helpline on 01454 863030.

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Bradley Stoke latest news.

The deadline for postal vote applications is Tuesday 18th April 2023.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. NEW: Photo ID must be shown!

More info:

Town election news in the Journal


Candidates & results

We have made efforts to obtain a short (250-word max) statement from each candidate. If you are a candidate and haven’t heard from us yet, please get in touch.

View all available candidate profiles (or click on a name below)

Which ward are you in? See: Map of revised town council warding arrangements following the Community Governance Review of 2022 [PDF; 790kB] (BSTC)

Following the elections, the town council has the following make up:

  • Labour 7 seats (2019: 1)
  • Conservatives 6 seats (2019: 12)
  • Green Party 1 seat (2019: 0)
  • Liberal Democrats 1 seat (2019: 0)
  • Independents 0 seats (2019: 2)

This leaves no group with an overall majority on the council.

Primrose Bridge (3 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  1. James Nelson (Green) 404 votes ELECTED
  2. Kulwinder Sappal (Labour) 371 votes ELECTED
  3. Aleena Aleena (Conservative) 330 votes ELECTED
  4. Andy Ward (Independent) 318 votes
  5. Anil Mishra (Conservative) 302 votes
  6. Tony Griffiths (Conservative) 294 votes

Stoke Brook (2 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  1. Jenny James (Labour) 307 votes ELECTED
  2. Jon Williams (Liberal Democrats) 290 votes ELECTED
  3. Keith Cranney (Conservative) 266 votes
  4. Tony Hyde (Conservative) 230 votes
  5. Marion Ward (Independent) 119 votes

Webbs Wood (3 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  1. John Bradbury (Labour) 561 votes ELECTED
  2. Ben Randles (Conservative) 543 votes ELECTED
  3. Roger Avenin (Conservative) 527 votes ELECTED
  4. Swati Sinha (Conservative) 469 votes

Willowbrook (3 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  1. Dayley Lawrence (Labour) 557 votes ELECTED
  2. Brian Mead (Labour) 482 votes ELECTED
  3. Tom Aditya (Conservative) 455 votes ELECTED
  4. Rajesh Joseph (Conservative) 399 votes
  5. Tripti Megeri (Conservative) 369 votes

Woodlands (4 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  1. Natalie Field (Labour) 672 votes ELECTED
  2. David Addision (Labour) 611 votes ELECTED
  3. Frederic Contenot (Conservative) 585 votes ELECTED
  4. Terri Cullen (Conservative) 583 votes ELECTED
  5. Franklin Owusu-Antwi (Conservative) 510 votes
  6. Joji Kuriakose (Conservative) 509 votes
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