Plans for town centre retirement homes announced

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Retirement housing developer McCarthy & Stone has announced that it has “acquired an interest” in vacant land on Savages Wood, on the corner with Bradley Stoke Way, and is proposing to build 68 apartments on the site.

The land, just south of the Bradley Stoke Tesco Extra store, served as a contractor compound during the construction of the Willow Brook Centre in 2008 but has since been unused.

Tesco Stores Limited, the previous owner of the land, was granted outline planning permission to build a hotel and restaurant on the site in November 2006 but the three year validity of that permission has since expired without any further plans being submitted.

McCarthy & Stone

In a press release issued earlier today, developer McCarthy & Stone says it is proposing to “redevelop the site with much needed, high quality specialist accommodation for older people”.

The firm has set up a consultation website, on which it is stated that the proposed development will incorporate approximately 46 one and two bedroom private apartments in one building and 22 affordable apartments in a separate building.

A spokesperson for the developers said:

“McCarthy & Stone is committed to engaging with the community regarding this proposal. We would like to invite members of the public to our exhibition on Monday 7th February at the Bradley Stoke Jubilee Centre on Savages Wood Road from 3pm to 7pm.”

“People will be able to view and provide feedback on the early plans, which the team will then review. If anyone would like additional information or has any questions in the meantime please contact the project’s dedicated freephone information line number on 0800 298 7040”

The proposals are due to be discussed at a meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council’s Planning Committee next Wednesday (26th January).

The Journal is not aware of any formal planning application having been made to South Gloucestershire Council at this stage, although it is likely that informal discussions with planning officers have taken place.

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  1. This is much needed, I am sure there will be detractors but this shows Bradley Stoke is developing to meet the needs of the community.

  2. At last – something for the older generation who are local and want to stay in the area but can’t cope with the accommodation they are in.

    Its time we had something like this. Just hope its affordable for those with little income/savings.

  3. This is good news and as the previous respondants have commented it’s something Bradley Stoke needs. In response to K’s question, there is going to be a private element as well as a social housing element to the development so all income levels should be catered for.

    As ever the details need to be examined in more depth and residents should take advantage of the public exhibition at the Jubilee Centre on February 7th.

  4. I live really close to this site, and had a leaflet today from McCarthy & Stone through the letterbox.

    I think this is a really good use of the land, and a much better idea than the proposed Hotel.

  5. Last nights Planning Committee recieved an excellent presentation from McCarthy and Stone, prior to the public meeting on the 7th. The designs looked very good, and I think that it is a project that will be well recieved.

  6. When is the footpath (access to the Willow Brook Centre) I see on the plan (shown outside the red ringed area on the proposal leaflet sent to me from McCarthy & Stone and therefore probably not their responsibility) going to be installed and by whom? It runs between the red ringed area and the Three Brooks Car Park. I feel it should have been in place since day one of the Willow Brook Centre being opened!! It will now be even more crucial for safe access by the residents of the proposed development to the Willow Brook Centre – without use of a car! T

  7. A great idea, and as previously commented, much better than a hotel. Is there any way a new telephone exchange can be incorporated? That would not only ensure good quality facilities are available for the older members of the community, but also provide a much needed boost for a community that is struggling to keep up with the rest of the country on the technology highway.

  8. Have to say this is better than the planned hotel…but it’s not exactly the nicest of areas, busy traffic, cars zooming past from boy racers with music booming all hours, delivery lorries and all the noise from the pub kicking out…not very relaxing for retired people.

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