Council “saves” thousands on mayoral chain

Cllr Roger Avenin, mayor of Bradley Stoke for 2015/16.

Bradley Stoke Town Council, which had planned to spend up to £4,000 on the purchase of a new mayoral chain because the existing one has run out of medal space, has agreed a cheaper solution that will allow a further twelve medals to be fitted to the existing chain at a cost of £1,010.

The extra capacity will be achieved by rotating each of the existing asymmetrically-shaped medals in the existing chain by 90 degrees, such that their shorter sides, rather than their longer sides, determine its overall length.

The cost of rotating the existing medals, adding twelve new gilt medals and re-plating the whole chain in a “polished hard gold finish” comes in at £290.

The remainder is made up of £520 for a new “base metal medallion” and £200 for a new “full regalia case”.

Photo: Current mayor Roger Avenin wears the chain that will now be modified by rotating the medals and adding new ones.

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  1. Will we see a reduction in council tax as a result? No.. so I really don’t care.

    Wish I could spend even 500 on a chain for looks……..

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