Traffic calming measures on the way at Willow Brook Centre

Approach road to the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke

Work is due to start today (5th September) on the implementation of a series of traffic calming measures at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre.

The Centre says the measures are designed to help drivers obey the speed limits that are currently in place throughout the car park and on the approach road, ensuring pedestrian safety is paramount.

The measures are said to include improved signage, speed tables and speed cushions.

Andy Oram, Operations Manager at the Willow Brook Centre said:

“As part of our ongoing commitment to the improvement of the Centre we will be beginning some traffic calming work week commencing Monday 5th September, 2011.  This work is being carried out to reduce the speed of vehicles entering and leaving the site, therefore improving the safety of customers who visit the Centre. The work will involve installing speed cushions on the approach road to the Centre, the road running along the top of the car park plus the front of the Mall and Non Food Terrace.”

“This will be carried out in phases as part of our commitment to reducing the inconvenience to customers and maintaining normal trading and car parking availability.”

The Centre’s car park was recently given the ‘Park Mark’ Safer Parking Award in recognition of measures put in place to provide a safe environment designed to deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

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  1. So it wasn’t that “safe” really then (time to give the “award” back?) and these changes are an admission of what we all knew anyway, the car park and access roads are a terrible design and an accident waiting to happen. However it’s not the site’s architects and planners who have to pay for not doing their job properly, it’s the public with yet more wear and tear on our cars.

  2. Whilst Tesco is spending money on slowing down their shoppers’ cars perhaps they could install larger capacity storage for super-unleaded petrol which always seems to be sold out.

  3. Exactly. It also doesn’t help that there’s a sunken drain you have to run over while rounding the bend towards a zebra crossing. Maybe they should get that fixed first, as it doesn’t seem that safe to me.

  4. this is ridiculous speed bumps dont do anything in car parks, if anything people will swerve around them to avoid damage to their cars which is more dangerous! you only have to look at bristol parkway station for examples! if pedestrians as well as drivers look at whats going on around them, then everyone will be fine!

  5. Few months ago on a Sunday afternoon my wife was nearly taken out by a speeding car who ignored she was on the Zebra crossing outside Peacocks/Pets at Home.

    I am not a fan of speed bumps but what other option is there to slow the traffic down.

    Elvis this was not a CHAV it was someone in a smart Audi and smartly dressed, I do find the business types in high performance cars are the worse offenders

    By the way I own my house in Stoke Gifford and an engineering professional, before you think I am a CHAV.

  6. Agree with Gashead. I was nearly taken out on a crossing in the Tesco car park. The moron was 100 yards away when I was on crossing and speeded up as he passed me going into the car park.
    The driver wasn’t a CHAV but a smart guy in a brat wagon.

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