Raised table proposed for Brook Way zebra crossing

Photo of a zebra crossing.
Zebra crossing on Brook Way, near the Kemperleye Way & Hawkins Crescent junctions.

South Gloucestershire Council has opened a public consultation on plans to incorporate a raised table into an existing zebra crossing on Brook Way.

According to the council, there have been eight reported injury accidents on the section of Brook Way between Savages Wood Road and Braydon Avenue in the last five years. Two of these incidents occurred when drivers failed to stop for pedestrians on the zebra crossing which is located between the junctions of Kemperleye Way and Hawkins Crescent.

The latest speed data (from May 2019) shows that the 7-day average combined speed is 29.3mph and the 7-day combined 85th-percentile speed* is 33.1mph.

[* This is the speed at and below which 85 percent of vehicles within a measurement sample are travelling.]

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The proposed scheme is to place the existing zebra crossing on a new speed table at the existing site, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury accidents at this crossing.

The length of the proposed raised table is shown (in a drawing included within the consultation document set) as being 8 metres.

The consultation runs up to and including Friday 9th April 2021.

Full details (including how to respond to the consultation): Brook Way Casualty Reduction Scheme (raised table zebra crossing) (SGC)

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General location map.
Brook Way proposed raised table consultation (March 2021) – General location map.

Existing raised table crossings

Other zebra crossings in Bradley Stoke that have already been converted to incorporate a raised table are at Pear Tree Road (completed in 2012) and Bowsland Way (completed in 2020).

An informal crossing incorporating a raised table was constructed on Brook Way, just north of the mini-roundabout at the junction with Wheatfield Drive junction, in 2011.

A petition calling on the council to install a zebra crossing on Brook Way between its junctions with Merryweather Close and Dewfalls Drive was launched in 2019 and has attracted over 290 signatures.

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